Cambridge IQ combines expertise in technology, business and people development to help clients to improve their business performance. 

We translate technology innovation into business results – market study, technology review, setting a technology strategy, helping to define products or improving delivery processes.  We might use technology as part of your product or part of the process to develop the product.  We can help throughout the product life-cycle: identifying un-met needs and studying human factors; through design, development and prototyping; to supporting manufacture.  We help with the target product, the process to get there and the people skills to deliver.

A key element to delivering and sustaining business improvement is to build high-performing teams: team members well matched to project needs, working collegiately, inspirationally led with the right knowledge and skills who feel part of the achievements; retention and attraction will be high.

Client businesses may stay in their existing form or go through a (re)design process, for example by adding a service to a traditional product offering.