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Who are CambridgeIQWe are a small, accessible consultancy led by Steve Watts with a network of associates offering diverse skills across technology innovation and development, business strategy and people development.  We work across different sectors to cross-fertilise ideas and enable clients to improve their performance by considering their business, technology and people needs.  We are experienced across FMCG, Transport, Health, Automotive, Utilities, Industrial and Telecoms.

Steve has been an engineer and technology and management consultant for over 20 years with leading consultancy businesses.  This has equipped him with the skills to dive into deep technology problems as well as to help redesign a business structure and strategy to succeed.  He is a people-person with many years of people development experience through coaching, training and line managing.

Claire Thomas provides expertise in people development through individual, team and management structures, including coaching, training, mentoring and facilitation.  She is qualified and experienced in all major psychometric profiling tools which allows CambridgeIQ to support clients with team and individual performance development, especially where this is key to delivering a new business model.  Claire is passionate about people and helping them to fulfil their potential, and has applied her skills extensively across private and public sectors.

Our goal is to integrate technology, business and people to help our clients deliver superior performance.

We translate technology innovation into business results – market study, technology review, setting a technology strategy, helping to define products or improving delivery processes.  We might use technology as part of your product or part of the process to develop the product.  We can help throughout the product life-cycle: identifying un-met needs and studying human factors; through design, development and prototyping; to supporting manufacture.  We help with the target product, the process to get there and the people skills to deliver.

We look for innovation in everything we do but only apply ideas that are effective and deliver on the objective to improve our client’s business.

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We are working with start-ups, SMEs and large clients as well as Universities.  We provide mentoring for start-ups and SMEs, having worked with the Wayra accelerator and Haydn Green Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and have links with Cambridge’s Judge Business School.  We are part of the founding team of ‘Cambridge Minds’, an innovative approach to knowledge transfer between academia and industry.

A key element to delivering and sustaining business improvement is to build high-performing teams: team members well matched to project needs, working collegiately, inspirationally led with the right knowledge and skills who feel part of the achievements; retention and attraction will be high.

We have built a network of collaborative associates with diverse technical, business, people and sector expertise.  Although CambridgeIQ might not have the precise expertise you need directly do please get in touch because we are very likely to know who has. 

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